WalkFree.org to start new chapter as Freedom United!

WalkFree.org was launched in 2012 as a global community with a shared vision of a world free from modern slavery. Andrew and Nicola Forrest founded WalkFree.org with their daughter Grace, after her volunteer work exposed them to the reality of modern slavery. The Movement as it is fondly known to us, was the first initiative to be launched under the Minderoo-backed Walk Free Foundation.

In four short years, WalkFree.org grew to over 8 million people, the largest group of people ever mobilised around the issue of modern slavery. Together this global community drove 29 campaign wins that impacted business and government behaviour and empowered civil society.

Alongside WalkFree.org, Minderoo and the Forrest family are responsible for the Global Slavery Index, the Global Freedom Network and are cornerstone investors in the Freedom Fund. We are also initiating new efforts focused on business and government engagement including through the Bali Process Business Forum; an alliance between 45 member countries and various UN agencies on the issue of human trafficking and modern slavery. The Business Forum will be launched in Australia in August 2017 by Andrew Forrest. We will maintain the Walk Free Foundation name as the headline brand for all of Minderoo’s anti-slavery work.

After incubating WalkFree.org and achieving some incredible successes over the past four years, WalkFree.Org is moving to its next challenge. One year ago, leadership of the Movement was passed over to U.S.- based Audacity Factory, an accelerator and collaborative focused on ending modern slavery. Since then, the fight has continued with significant wins to protect children, address slavery in conflict regions, imprisoned activists freed and thousands of domestic workers protected.

During the past 12 months, WalkFree.org talked to global leaders and assessed the needs of the global community, deciding it was time to move to the next chapter. WalkFree.org will soon re-launch under a new name and website which better represent the collaborative nature of its work – “Freedom United: One Voice To End Modern Slavery.”

You can see a sneak peak of the new brand and website platform here. The new website will allow people who are passionate about ending modern slavery to track their impact. It will challenge visitors to get educated about this complex issue, get involved in advocacy, and more.

Freedom United will champion the fight against slavery with innovative approaches and critically, the ongoing support of a global community. Andrew, Nicola and Grace through the Minderoo Foundation look forward to ongoing collaboration with Freedom United alongside our Walk Free Foundation efforts.