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Towards a Common Future: Achieving SDG 8.7 in the Commonwealth

‘Towards a Common Future: Achieving SDG 8.7 in the Commonwealth’ assesses current responses to modern slavery across the Commonwealth and highlights an agenda for action. Launched to coincide with the 2018 Commonwealth Summit, this report emphasises the unique role the Commonwealth can play to support member states to achieve SDG 8.7 – the eradication of forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and the worst forms of child labour.

To support this goal, the Walk Free Foundation recommends that the Commonwealth convene a meeting of member states, establish a Commonwealth Business and Government Forum, and support member states to endorse the Call to Action and ratify the 2000 UN Trafficking Protocol, the 2014 Forced Labour Protocol, and the 2011 Domestic Workers Convention. Through resourcing, sharing of good practice, and exchange of technical expertise the Commonwealth should also support member states to implement a ten-point action plan to eradicate modern slavery by 2030.