Norton Rose Fulbright uses Global Slavery Index to transform risk assessment

Did you know law firms may also need to file modern slavery reports, on steps they are taking to address risks within professional legal services supply chains?

One step ahead of the law being announced, in November Norton Rose Fulbright launched a new platform designed to assess potential modern slavery and other human rights risk – the NRF Transform Risk Sonar. The Risk Sonar uses data from the 2018 Global Slavery Index (GSI) – amongst other data sets – to run a risk assessment on suppliers.

From this data, a risk rating is generated. The rating, presented in digestible charts and diagrams, indicates the human rights risks present in businesses’ supply chains. Norton Rose hope that while not only servicing its internal risk assessment needs, it may be a tool which can be used by their clients to assist with monitoring production processes, ensuring human rights abuses like modern slavery do not go undetected.

The development of this cloud-based technology accompanies is just one of many recent initiatives that Norton Rose has taken to help combat modern slavery.