MEDIA STATEMENT: The Other Migrant Crisis

We have been watching, with great concern the situation unfolding in Kuwait of the abhorrent abuse of human rights that has occurred against an Ethiopian domestic worker.

We have concerns for her immediate and long-term safety, and are doing everything in our power to ensure her needs are taken care of. This individual case highlights a broader issue of the ongoing abuse and enslavement of domestic workers across the MENA region. These migrant workers, already vulnerable to exploitation at the hand of their employer or recruiter, are facing new risks to their safety. This issue can be further explored in our publication ‘The Other Migrant Crisis‘.

We call on the government of Kuwait to ensure this case is comprehensively investigated. Furthermore, we urge the government of Kuwait to push for systemic change which requires urgent and proactive legislative action to protect all workers that come to Kuwait to meet the country’s growing labour needs.

– Team Walk Free Foundation