Measuring government responses to modern slavery: Have your say and complete our survey!

Alongside our work on the joint estimate to end modern slavery, the Walk Free Foundation research team are busy collecting data for the 2018 Global Slavery Index. More specifically, we are updating our assessment of government responses.

The government response component of the Global Slavery Index aims to provide context to the prevalence estimates within the report. It helps to provide a snapshot of which governments, despite limited resources, are doing much to respond to modern slavery, as well as highlighting the poor response of some wealthier countries.

The framework underpinning our assessment covers international legislation relating to modern slavery, including the UN Trafficking Protocol. This year, we’ve also updated the indicators relating to supply chain transparency to better understand the legislative changes that have taken place in the last 12 to 18 months and how governments around the world are engaging with businesses to eradicate modern slavery.

Updating our assessment of government responses can be resource intensive, which is why we’re so grateful and pleased to be partnering with the University of Nottingham to complete this research. Since we began the update in January, we’ve had 20 individuals conducting desk research and reaching out to NGOs to verify our research.

But, with over 17,000 data points to review and update, we still need more support and, more importantly, NGOs with direct experience or knowledge of all 167 countries within the Index to help verify our desk research.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you to ask you to contribute to our assessment of government responses.

One easy way to contribute is to complete our handy survey. There are a total of 29 questions, although you can target your response to those questions where you have more expertise. The deadline for the survey is 31st May 2017.

As well as helping our research team, and contributing to the production of the next Global Slavery Index, completing our survey will draw attention to gaps in government responses. Any gaps identified also informs the recommendations we promote on our website or in the printed report. Contributing to the GSI by completing our survey can be a very easy way to promote your ongoing campaigns, or draw attention to your work. The data you provide also helps to highlight good practice, and hold those governments who could do more to account.

Complete our survey by clicking this link!