FU Freedom United

Freedom United is the success story of everyday people fighting for change.

The Walk Free Foundation incubated the concept of mobilising citizens worldwide in 2012 through WalkFree.org.  In four short years, WalkFree.org grew to a global community of more than eight million people, the largest group ever mobilised around the issue of modern slavery. Together they drove 29 campaign wins that impacted business and government behaviour and empowered civil society.

In 2016 leadership of this global movement was handed to Audacity Factor, a US-based accelerator and collaboration committed to ending modern slavery, and Freedom United was born.

Freedom United works tirelessly to end the demand for modern slavery by inspiring the global community to become anti-slavery advocates through sharing knowledge and awareness raising. Over 8 million people have joined with Freedom United to take action against modern slavery.

Freedom United use collaborative action including emails, petitions, letters and social media messages from their global community to create change. They represent every country in the world and have launched 99 different campaigns across different areas such as forced labour, human trafficking, child slavery, domestic slavery and forced marriage. Freedom United are partnered with 71 organisations around the world and they equip their advocates with the time, money and resources to combat modern slavery and challenge the system.

Once voice to end modern slavery

Freedom United are fighting for a world free from modern slavery and their mission is to continue to inspire millions of people to join the fight against modern slavery by influencing governments, businesses and society in general.   The Freedom United Team includes researchers and analysts so that members of their global community are fully informed around the horrendous impact of modern slavery.