FF Freedom Fund

To continue the fight to end modern slavery, the Freedom Fund partners itself with frontline organisations who are engaged in initiatives which have a high concentration of modern slavery in key areas.

The Freedom Fund is a philanthropic initiative committed to ending modern slavery by identifying and investing in frontline efforts. It was established in 2013 by founding investors Humanity United, the Legatum Foundation and Minderoo Foundation, who were the three main private funders in the modern slavery area at the time. The main areas they wanted to address with the establishment of the Fund was the need for a private donor fund to combat modern slavery, the importance of engaging in research to identify the best anti-slavery interventions, and the requirement to unify the modern slavery field. The Fund identifies the best anti-slavery efforts throughout the world to invest in and supports interventions in areas where it will have the most impact.

Focusing on programs in some of the world’s poorest areas where there are limited resources but high incidents of modern slavery means that the Freedom Fund can have a greater impact on the devastating impact of modern slavery.

The Freedom Fund doesn’t just focus on partnering with existing initiatives, they also address the systemic issue of modern slavery in areas where the issue is most prevalent by engaging with government, the private sector, media outlets and other change agents. From a global perspective, the Freedom Fund empowers the anti-slavery movement so organisations can work together more effectively while also bringing on board new investors and funding to the cause.

By bringing much needed funding and research to the global anti-slavery sector, the Freedom Fund continues to make a positive impact to eradicate modern slavery.