Death, taxes, conflict and migration

Migration was a key political challenge for Europe in 2016, and has risen to become the current issue on the global agenda, following President Trump’s Executive Order, banning entry to the US for nationals of 7 countries, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

In the continuing politicisation on migration, the context of why people are migrating is frequently lost.

Just as conflict creates the conditions for violent extremism, so too it creates conditions of lawlessness and extreme human rights abuses, including risk of slavery and recruitment of child soldiers. Along with profound impacts on other basic needs, such as food, shelter and water, conflict creates the conditions that compel ordinary people to take desperate measures to escape.

The latest country study from the Walk Free Foundation looks at the situation in Somalia, the fifth poorest country in the world, and one of the countries nominated in the Trump Executive Order. Somalia is both a source and a transit country for migrants and refugees escaping from Eritrea, Ethiopia and also, the violence within Somalia itself.

Further information about the conditions in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen is available in the Middle East and North Africa study, and in our Iraq study.