The Walk Free Foundation was founded by Andrew and Nicola Forrest and encompasses their vision to end of modern slavery globally. Seed funded by the Forrests’ philanthropic vehicle the Minderoo Foundation, the initiative provides the information and capabilities required for countries to defeat slavery in their jurisdictions. We hope that you will join us in whatever way you can to help end modern slavery once and for all.

Research & Policy

Quantifying slavery through the Global Slavery Index and providing real time intelligence which will enable countries to act to end slavery.

Freedom Fund

A private donor fund to bring financial resources, strategic focus and robust analysis to grassroots partners in the fight against modern slavery.

Global Freedom Network

Harness the power of the world's major faith leaders to mobilise communities and political and business leaders to take action to end slavery.

Global Fund to End Slavery

The key to ending modern slavery is global coordination and government engagement. In recognition of this the Minderoo Foundation is collaborating with the Global Fund to End Slavery. The Fund aspires to be a public-private partnership that will leverage unprecedented levels of resources to drive the end of slavery once and for all.

The Movement

The Walk Free Foundation incubated a global movement of over 8 million people, to take united actions against slavery resulting in multiple campaign wins.